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Cornflour (per 100g)

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Product Information: Cornflour, also known as corn starch, is obtained from the endosperm of the kernel from corn (maize). It can be used as a natural thickening agent for thickening soups,gravy, casseroles and vegetable stews.

Directions for use:

Mix a little with cold water to form a paste or a slurry as it is also known, before adding to the liquid that you wish to thicken. The good thing about using cornflour is that it forms a translucent paste, therefore it prevents the liquid in the recipe from turning cloudy.

How it works

Once a paste is formed and you have added it to the liquid, the starch is then heated up during cooking and the molecules work with other starch substances, which form together to thicken the liquid. 




Storage Instructions

Keep in an air tight sealed container in a cool, dark and dry location. Can be refrigerated or frozen (in an air tight container) to extend the shelf life.

Cross Contamination & Allergens Notice

Every effort is made to minimise the risk of cross contamination, but due to the nature of loose food items, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination does not occur. We recommend that our products are not suitable for those with severe allergies. Sorry for any inconvenience The following potential allergens may have come in to contact with this product: Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Soya, Milk, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Mustard, Sulphur Dioxide.