Pasta - Is it Eco?

Pasta is a stable product for most households in the UK, according to YouGov 68% of us eat it at least once a week. At the Ethical Otter Refill, we wanted to understand a bit more about Pasta (the dried variety) where it comes from, how it is made and what impact it's having on the environment.

Most dried pasta is not made in the UK as the variety of Drum wheat required is not dry enough, which is why Italy produce alot. Having said that Pasta appears to be a product that has a very small impact on the environment;

In addition to being a healthy choice for consumers, pasta is also one of the more environmentally friendly and sustainable food products. It is one of the least intensive foods to produce, and has a small carbon footprint from farm to table as compared to other foods. Research published in Ecosystems found that grains, like the wheat used to make pasta, use only 0.51 liters of water to produce 1 calorie of food. -

We stock two different types of Pasta

Yorkshire Pasta - 

A British company, which makes pasta in the UK from ingredients grown in the UK, made in a low-impact way to create a high-quality product. We are able to buy 5kg paper bags, making the supply chain plastic free.

Iris - Organic Pasta - 

An organic Italian-made product. The company does have a strong focus on the environment, for example building a factory where the pasta is made completely out of recycled materials and has a strong focus on sustainability. 

Which you can buy from our online store, plastic free - Click & Collect or local delivery - HERE

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