Banana chips

Banana chips

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Ordering Information - Dried Goods

We offer multiple weights. Please add the weight per 100g unit and then increase the quantity if you would like more using the quantity drop down box (i.e 5 x 100g=500g).  All dried goods are supplied in our compostable paper bags.

Product Description: Dried banana chips are a great natural confectionery that can be enjoyed as a guilt-free snack to curb a sweet tooth. Our tasty sweet banana chips have been fried in coconut oil before the drying process to provide a subtle coconut flavour. Many other dried banana chips are fried in not-so-healthy oils such as vegetable oil. However, we have chosen the healthiest and most natural oil for this process to provide healthy fats as well as a sweet treat. During this process the banana chips are also sweetened with a little sugar to create a snack that is incredibly moreish and will leave you reaching for more.

Ingredients: Banana, coconut oil and refined sugar

Please Note: we advise that your dried goods from our Refill Pantry are transferred into an airtight container on the day of purchase to retain freshness.